DJ Krishan

Krishan in Santa Monica on 08/22/15

Krishan in Flagstaff on 06/13/15

Krishan in Rhinebeck on 07/31/15

Krishan in Joshua Tree on 07/31/15

Kundalini Chillout: Liquid Mantra Mixes


Kundalini Chillout: Liquid Mantra Remix presents an array of ethnic sounds woven around soft pads with intelligent, groovy beats and supporting vocals from kirtan stars singing Kundalini Mantras from the heart. The feel of this album is soft and sweet; it guides listeners through different meditative spaces, chill atmospheres and groovy vibes to an ambient oasis of sound.

This album is a perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, or casual listening. Musical pace ranges from ambient chill to energetic groovy.


Tepoztlan, Mexico 01/01/13

Bhangra Remix


Bhangra Remix opens a space of sacred celebration. These beats rise up from the fields of the Punjab infused with the electronic rhythms of the worlds’ dance floors and divine ancient mantra. The dance is deep inside of you intertwining with the ecstatic yoga of naad, the sanctified sound current.

On Bhangra Remix, Krishan takes you on a mantra journey. Feel the pulse. Move your feet. Lift your hands to the sky. It is time for joy.